Go Sailing Get Salty! Experience an unique adventure which only the great explorers were able to live once... Now available to everyone! Party Unleash the fun! Have the ultimate fun in an exotic environment, with maximum freedom and amazing people just like yourself! Make friends Travel is intensified living The connections you will make or strengthen with other people in such a trip can not be compared with anything else Travel safe Live on a yacht The safety offered by the privacy of a yacht where you can spend a week of vacation is unparalleled in these times.
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Let yourself be carried away by the wind to dream destinations, experience maximum freedom and fun without earthly limits!

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Here's what those who dared to leave the shore and set out with us for what would be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives have to say about their experience:

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How it works

Pick the event type

Public event

Reserve your spot in one of the events already organized! You can come alone or bring some friends and you will meet other people

Private event

Gather your gang or family and have your own yacht all for yourselves! Join an existing event with other boats or organize your own event in your favorite destination and time period

Company event

Gather your team for an unparalleled team building experience! You can build one or more crews, each member will have a role and together you will fulfill a navigation mission that will unite and harmonize your team

Define the trip details


We organize trips in Greece, Croatia, Romania, the Canary Islands and other holiday or adventure destinations. You can choose from many groups of islands: Saronic Gulf, Sporades, Cyclades, Ionian Islands, Canary Islands, etc


Greece and Croatia - between April and October, Romania - between June and September, Canary Islands - in the winter months


Generally, the duration of a trip is one week, from Saturday to the following Saturday. In the Black Sea or the northern Aegean Sea, we can also organize shorter trips. In other destinations, the boat usually needs to be booked for a week, even if you choose to stay only a few days


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