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About us

Salty Party is a community of people with much love for the sea and sailing that aims to bring together as many members as possible with the same passions, as well as to popularize this type of travel, vacations, adventures among the uninitiated.

Each of us has come to discover this passion and specialize in different ways over the years, but we’ve been united by the desire to spend as much time at sea as possible, as well as to share with others this way of life, therefore this club appeared naturally.

Of course, there are no words, pictures or movies that can truly describe the experience of a ship with wind-blown sails flying over the seas to wonderful destinations, the freedom or feelings you can experience, but we hope that you’ll join us and discover this universe as well.

We intend to organize various events in the future, but for now we focus on holiday trips, for relaxation, with a couple of hours spent at sea daily, visit islands, ports, cities, beaches, anchorages. We will focus on fun, swimming, sunbathing, playing, music, party, fishing, barbecue / campfire on the beach, island visits, going out to taverns in the evenings and much more.

Welcome aboard, fair winds and have maximum fun!

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