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Our activity

Many of us have individually discovered and explored various nautical activities over the years, some of us since the early 2000s, but in recent years we have come together and focused our activities in the same direction.

Our main activity at the moment is recreational sailing on the sea with sailing yachts.

After attending the necessary courses and obtaining the required permits for these activities, we made a series of explorations of the nearby seas (Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Black Sea) and accumulated the necessary experience to move on to the next level.

Then came the moment when we decided to expand our activity by attracting more people passionate about the sea, nature, travel, vacation are fun.

This is how the Salty Party Sailing Club was born and this is how we managed to make many trips at sea in recent years, attracting more and more people to discover this way of life.

So far, we had sailed to:

  • Saronic Gulf, Greece
  • Sporades Islands, Greece
  • Ionian Islands, Greece
  • Cyclades Islands, Greece
  • Islands in the northern Aegean Sea, Greece
  • Canary Islands, Spain

In addition to these destinations to which we will always return with great enthusiasm, we intend to explore in the near future the seas and islands of:

  • Croatia
  • Turkey
Saronic Gulf, Greece
Salty Party in Saronic Gulf
Black Sea, Romania
Split, Croatia
Sporades Islands, Greece
Sporades Wild Route
Ionian Islands, Greece
Navagio Odyssey

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