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Ionian Islands, Greece


We don’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t dream of Lefkada at least once a year.

And if you haven’t been there, once you get to this island you feel at home.

Porto Katsiki, Nidri, Vasiliki are just some of the attractions available to visitors. Whether you are passionate about water sports or just a traveler, the island transcends its earthly dimensions, you breathe it, it’s a state of mind.

Here we raise the sails for the first day of vacation.


The first stop of the holiday. The lush vegetation and amazing water ignite our appetite for the beach and splashing.

Vathi and Spartochori are picturesque, authentic ports unaltered by excessive tourism.

We go back to water splashing, cooked squid and mojitos prepared on the boat, fishing and a glass of Prosecco at sunset.


Cultural tumult, museums, library, Napier garden, the island can show us this side.

We discover a nature originating in the Tuscan countryside, where Mount Enos – 1628 m – overwhelms us with pine forests and idyllic landscapes.

The port of Fiskardo introduces us to the idyllic atmosphere of the island, and the night at anchor in Myrtos Beach can bring a different meaning to life. We’re not sure about that, but we’ve heard it a few times.


Kalamos – little to say, much to do. There is no room in the port, but the problem gets resolved, George finds us a place, the tavern is his, the table is reserved, culinary delight with fish and seafood.


Destination that gives the name of our adventure in the Ionian Sea, Navagio is a fascinating beach. Meeting the famous turtles is not a coincidence, catching a tuna has become a habit. The west coast of the island fascinates with dramatic landscapes and water caves building memorable memories.

In the evening we dock in the Agios Nikolaos harbor, To Nisi tavern offers us an authentic culinary delight and an authentic local party, the Mediterranean cuisine and the Greek hospitality being at home here.

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