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Black Sea, Romania

No doubt, the Black Sea was the first love for many of us. The excitement of returning to her shore fills us with enthusiasm. The nautical phenomenon has grown and with this new opportunities open up for us, we have perspectives that once seemed simple stories.

Whether we depart from Tomis or Limanu, going at sea is an unforgettable experience, we open the sails and let ourselves be accompanied by dolphins, we swim in the sea, and the sunsets on the water become food for the soul.

Near Tomis we have Mamaia, whether you want to party at LeGaGa or Ego, or the sunrise catches you on Kudos, the boat is waiting for you quietly in the marina.

In antithesis we have Limanu, near Vama Vache. We enter the atmosphere at Stuf, taste the bohemian air at Amfora, spend in Expirat and see the sunrise Acolo.

We wake up in the morning on the boat with a scent coffee … The Black Sea is a way of life, like the song “I return to You, again and again, Blue Sea”.

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