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Saronic Gulf, Greece

Fascinating at first glance, the streets of the island have a special charm, revealing the influences. It is known as pistachio island, the variety of products based on it surpassing any imagination. We are fascinated by the temple of the goddess Aphaea, while St. Nicholas, the protector of sailors, guides our steps to visit the other attractions of the island.


Poros, the island of Poseidon. The sea god has his temple in the middle of the island. With its cosmopolitan flavor, harmonized with an abundant nature, the island is separated from the Peloponnese by a canal with a cliff full of taverns. Here we probably find the best Saganaki. The bustle of the island is offset by the tranquility we find in the bays where we will anchor, whether it is Russian Bay, Lover Bay or another picturesque place.

Although it cannot be described in words, the bohemian air is felt with every breath.
If you’re looking for a muse, you’ve found it! Weather you want to paint, to write a book, to fall in love, to relearn to love, you have reached the right place.
Of course you can do more earthy things, the parties here usually end in the morning when you can enjoy your coffee in the midst of the madness and organized chaos in the small port.


We set the anchor, at first sight it doesn’t say much, but at the end we can say * what happened in Dokos stays in Dokos *.
On this desert island the party starts on the boat, then continues on the beach with barbecue and campfire.
We cook what we fish, grouper, squid and octopus.
We inflate all the toys, take out the water rifles, prepare the cocktails, laziness and puffiness without schedule.

Porto Heli

A small town on the Peloponnese peninsula with a large port, full of fishing boats and yachts that give it a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Simple walks around the harbor or visits to the archaeological sites of Epidaurus, Poros, Ermioni, Mycenae, or Nafplion are activities not to be missed.

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