Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is a vacation at sea in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The crew’s isolation on the yacht greatly reduces the exposure of passengers to interaction with other people because it avoids congestion in hotels, restaurants, crowded tourist spots, ferry boats, buses, public boats to which you are exposed in case of a vacation on land.

We avoid crowded beaches because we have access to beaches that are inaccessible or hard to reach from land and even to uninhabited islands.

We can swim in the sea, snorkel or practice water sports directly from the yacht, without coming into contact with strangers.

We cook food and eat most of the time on the yacht, where we are the only ones.

If we go out to dine at the taverns, we will sit at the table only on the terrace.

In stores we will wear masks when we do the provisioning.

Where do we sleep?

The yachts have between 3 and 5 double cabins, thus accommodating 6-10 people. Each cabin has a double bed or two single bunk beds, wardrobe and shelf for storing personal items. If needed, the sofa in the living room can also be converted into a double bed. Some people like to sleep outside during the summer, either on the “terrace” (cockpit) or in a hammock hung on the deck.

Where do we eat?

Most of the time, we prepare the food in the kitchen for the whole crew and then we set the table either on the “terrace” (cockpit) or in the living room. Occasionally, especially at dinner, we go out to taverns to enjoy local culinary specialties.

What do we eat?

On the day of boarding we supply from shops near the port. We buy food, housewares and drinks. Non-perishable products are bought in larger quantities to last the whole week. The perishables are bought in small quantities and will be refilled at local shops at various stopping points during the trip.

We generally cook food that can be prepared fast – salads, pasta with various sauces, snacks, something that can be cooked relatively quickly in the pan, in the oven or boiled in a pot. The tendency is not to spend a lot of time in the kitchen during a vacation.

When we catch fish, squid, octopuses, oysters, etc. or buy them from local fishermen – they end up on our table.

When we dine at the taverns, we enjoy the extraordinary local food.

What do we drink?

When we provision the boat, we make sure that we have enough alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In general, people prefer various cocktails, local beer, wine, various juices. We also buy a lot of drinking water – essential for hydration and cooking.

Do we have a refrigerator?

Every yacht has at least one refrigerator with a freezer whose size is proportional to the size of the boat. On a boat of 10 people, for example, the refrigerator is huge and sometimes we even had two refrigerators on such a boat.

How much does food and drink cost us?

In our experience, when we provision the boat, we spend about 10 euros / person / day.

At taverns, we usually spend 10-15 euros / person for a meal.

How do we get to the port of embarkation?

We usually drive our own cars from Romania to Greece, taking an overnight break in Sofia or Thessaloniki. On the way to Greece, we drive to the intermediate point on Friday and continue it on Saturday to the destination. On the way back, we return the boats on Saturday morning, we set off on the way back home, we take an overnight break Saturday night, arriving home on Sunday.

Sometimes we went by plane + local bus to Greece. To more distant destinations – only by plane.

How much does it cost to get from Romania to the port of embarkation?

Weather we drive or fly, the transport costs can be easily estimated, calculating the cost of fuel / road taxes, respectively the cost of the plane ticket.

As a general idea, we usually managed to frame the transport costs in 100 euros / person, even when it was necessary to split the trip in two days and stay in a hotel along the way.

Where do we take a shower?

In the bathroom or on the deck (useful for a quick rinse when leaving the salt water). Yachts usually have two tanks that can generally hold 300-500 liters of fresh water used for washing. In various ports we have the possibility to refill the tanks with water.

Do we get towels and bed linen?

Yes, we receive bed linen and towels. We recommend that you bring a beach towel from home.

How can I charge my phone and other electronic devices?

Small electronic devices can be charged to the boat’s 12 volt outlets. Devices that require 220 Volt charging can be charged to the 220 Volt outlets of the boat only when we are in a port and connect the boat to a 220 Volt power source or when we go out to a tavern.

For extreme / urgent cases, an inverter can be used to convert from 12 Volts to 220 Volts even when the boat is running, but the inverter must be used sparingly, as it consumes the boat’s batteries faster.

How do we listen to music?

The yachts have Radio, CD player, USD input for USB-stick to the audio system. We also carry Bluetooth speakers every time. Bring your favorite music! We each have a playlist and we can always use YouTube too.

Do we have telephone reception at sea?

The coverage is usually good, we had no problems with the cell phone reception.

How do I manage seasickness?

First, we take all necessary precautions to prevent seasickness. We avoid sailing when the weather is unfavorable, we avoid going against the waves, we sit outside in the cockpit and not inside the boat while sailing, we stare at the horizon, we do not read books or look at the phone much, we do not eat or drink alcohol in excess, we may consume ginger or take a pill that prevents motion sickness (in extreme cases), etc.

In the rare case of seasickness, we take measures to alleviate the discomfort: placing the crew member in the center of the boat to reduce the intensity of the movement, advice them to lay horizontally, possibly in the cabin, allow them to stay at the helm, etc.

Do we spend all our time on the yacht / at sea?

In general, we try to sail short distances, so we spend 2-4 hours a day sailing. The rest of the time, you can go ashore or spent time on the docked/anchored boat.

How do I pack?

First of all, don’t bring a huge luggage, you don’t need many things in a week-long vacation during a hot season.

Secondly, do not bring rigid luggage (for example, troller) as the cabinets on the boat are usually not large or rectangular, so luggage with a flexible shape is preferable.

Pack light clothes for a week, light shoes with a light sole to prevent leaving marks on the boat and a non-slip grip, slippers, personal toiletries, a swimsuit, snorkeling equipment and whatever else you need on a vacation.

What does the boat's kitchen have?

Stove (usually with oven), sink, refrigerator, crockery, cutlery, glasses, pots, pans, etc. – just about everything you need in a kitchen for cooking and serving food.

How is the boat lounge equipped?

In the lounge there is always a large table surrounded by benches. In one part of the living room we have the kitchen (based on the open-space concept), there is also a navigation table, as well as the entrances to the cabins and bathrooms.

How is the ``terrace`` of the boat (cockpit) organized?

In addition to the navigation controls, in the cockpit there is a table that can be retracted / extended, as well as benches on both sides. We use these benches both when the boat is stopped or running. The table is usually retracted when the boat is running in order to gain space, but can also be extended on the go if we need to eat.

How are the boat's bathrooms equipped?

With sink, toilet and shower.

What knowledge should I have about boats or sailing?

None. Upon boarding, we will show you the facilities of the boat and how each is used. If you want to participate in the navigation / maneuvering of the boat, we will teach you everything you need to know.

Do I need to be able to swim to take part in a sea trip?

No. To get on / off the boat in the port, you just have to step on / off the quay. When the boat is anchored in a bay, we can take you to shore with the ginghy (small inflatable boat).

Some passengers who want to swim in the sea or snorkel but cannot swim use a life jacket or other floating objects.

How do I pay for a trip?

Upon registration, half of the trip value must be paid. The second half must be paid no later than one month before the date of embarkation.

Can children participate in excursions at sea?

Yes, if the rest of the crew agrees and if the trip is suitable for children. We specify on each trip if it is suitable for children. In the past, we had 5-12 year old children on board with their parents.

Can I cancel a reservation?

The reservation can be canceled at any time, but if the yacht has been booked (therefore paid), then the money paid cannot be refunded unless you find someone to replace you and pay for the cancelled spot. If the trip is canceled for serious reasons (such as a pandemic), then the trip can be rescheduled.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is optional. If you opt for it, we can assist you to obtain it.

Do you have another question?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.


If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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