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Our Team


Those who will take you to dream places and teach you how to live this way of life.


I live to sail! After living for many years on the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, I found fulfillment in communion with the sea, by sailing on cruising yachts. Based in Cluj-Napoca, I live with the next sea getaways in mind, so I plan our next adventures every day. Although I've traveled over 2,000 nautical miles in the recent years, I still want more. Fair winds!


Born to sail. Words cannot describe Cristi's love for the sea, fishing, life and people. You just have to come with us and meet him in person. He has the soul of a child and the calm of an experienced capitan when sailing. Let's not forget, he's also responsible for the best cocktails and enssures the funkyest music on bord! A day with him at sea will never be dull.


The thrill of sailing cannot be expressed in words. You simply have to give it a try! After living too many years admiring the sea only from the shore, 5 years ago I had the courage and enrolled in a sailing course. The beauty of another sea, which can only be discovered by sitting at the helm, conquered me forever. And since then I feel great joy when I manage to share this unique beauty with friends from all over. I live in the port of Sibiu, I travel a lot through the forests of Europe and I live with the desire to offer young people of all ages unique experiences sailing the sea. Fair winds and thoughts!


Cool people do Sailing. At the suggestion of a friend, in 2007 I took a sailing class. After finishing the course, I tried to spend as much time on the boat as possible. I used any occasion, weekend or vacation to enroll in a course related to boating, renting or participating in a boat trip.

Our Team

Our team is constantly growing, we have several members in various stages of training to become skippers and we meet every year people who dare to go this way.

We teach everyone what we know, whether it’s basic navigation elements, we direct them to navigation classes or they have taken a course / obtained a patent and come to gain experience with us.

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